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TeleVue Eyepieces

TeleVue Eyepieces
Tele Vue Optics The name TeleVue is almost synonymous with high quality eyepieces. From the introduction of the original Nagler eyepiece in 1980, to the more recent introduction of the Delos eyepieces, TeleVue has continued to raise the bar against which all others are judged. The performance inherent in EVERY TeleVue eyepiece is verified for you at f/4; quality assurance available nowhere else.

TeleVue DeLite

The Delite eyepieces are renowned for superb contrast, making them an excellent choice for planetary observing.

TeleVue Delos

TeleVue Delos eyepieces offer a 72 degree apparent field combined with a comfortable 20 mm eye relief and excellent contrast.

TeleVue Ethos

TeleVue raised the bar with the introduction of the Ethos, an extremely wide 100 degree apparent field eyepiece.

TeleVue Nagler

TeleVue Nagler eyepieces provide a tack sharp image across an extremely generous 82 degree apparent field.

TeleVue Panoptic

TeleVue Panoptic eyepieces offer a wide 68 degree apparent field and have been a long time favorite for low to medium power observing.

TeleVue Plossl

TeleVue Plossl eyepieces use superior high-index glasses to reduce astigmatism and lateral color at the field's edge.

TeleVue Zoom

TeleVue Optics offers two of the finest short focal length zoom eyepieces available today.