TeleVue Telescope Accessories

Tele Vue Optics TeleVue offers a line of telescope accessories that can be used with their own refractors as well as other types of telescopes from different manufacturers. The TeleVue Everbrite diagonal is commonly seen on Schmidt-cassegrain telescopes made by both Celestron and Meade.

  • TeleVue Diagonals

    TeleVue Diagonals


    TeleVue produces high quality star diagonals for use with any telescope.

  • Telescope Accessory Packages

    Telescope Accessory Packages


    These packages compliment specific TeleVue optical tube assemblies with popular accessories at a discounted price.

  • TeleVue Finders

    TeleVue Finders


    TeleVue offers reflex and solar finders for use with theirs as well as other manufacturers telescopes.

  • TeleVue Mounting Adapters

    TeleVue Mounting Adapters


    TeleVue mounting adapters provide an interface between TeleVue mounting rings and a variety of telescope mounts.

  • TeleVue Mounting Rings

    TeleVue Mounting Rings


    TeleVue mounting rings for the NP101is and NP127is are sold separately from the telescopes.

  • TeleVue Filters

    TeleVue Filters

    TeleVue offers a widely respected line of both planetary and nebular filters for use with any telescope.

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