Thousand Oaks Optical

Thousand Oaks Optical produces both solar and nebular filters, as well as other telescope accessories. The Thousand Oaks Digital Dew Heater Controller (DDHC) with four separate control channels is our most popular dew heater controller.

  • Thousand Oaks Nebular Filters

    Thousand Oaks Nebular Filters


    Thousand Oaks nebular filter transmission lines feature a steeper slope than competing brands to offer better contrast and overall performance.

  • Thousand Oaks Full Aperture Solar Filters

    Thousand Oaks Full Aperture Solar Filters


    Thousand Oaks full aperture solar filters allow safe observation of the sun using ordinary telescopes.

  • Thousand Oaks Dew Heaters

    Thousand Oaks Dew Heaters


    Thousand Oaks Optical produces our most popular dew heater controller and a selection of dew heater bands to fit most telescopes and accessories.

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