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Discontinued Used 31 mm Nagler

$449.00  $650.00

SKU: SKU3499
Manufacturer: TeleVue
Eyepiece Focal Length: 31 mm
Apparent Field: 82 degrees
Eye Relief: 19 mm
Barrel Diameter: 2 inches
Eyepiece Weight: 35.2 ounces

This product is no longer available
Used 31 mm TeleVue Nagler Type 5 eyepiece with original box and caps in very good condition. There are some scuff parks on the chrome barrel but the glass is pristine. This eyepiece has been a time honored favorite as the low power wide field choice in Large Dobsonians down to f/4.5 focal ratio. This is not to say it is not an outstanding eyepiece in other types of telescopes also. This is a chance to save $200 on this stunning eyepiece.

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